Practical advice regarding Covid-19 and your air conditioning system

The current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is a fluid one with Government and medical professional advice changing rapidly. This statement is based on the best advice currently available at the time of writing. Government and NHS websites should be consulted for any rapidly developing changes to the situation. This guidance is purely about the likelihood of how an air conditioning system can or would spread a virus such as COVID-19, and what building owners can do to prevent the spread through common ventilation systems.

Advice & Measures

  • Outside Airflow

    Maximise the supply of outside air as much as reasonably possible. The use of openable windows is also recommended wherever possible. In buildings with mechanical ventilation, window airing can be used to further boost ventilation.

  • Filters

    Central outdoor air and extract air filters must be replaced according to normal maintenance procedure when pressure or time limits are exceeded, or according to scheduled maintenance. Maintenance personnel should carry out work in line with standard safety procedures.

  • Stop Recirculating Air

    Any ventilation or air conditioning system that normally runs with a recirculation mode should now be set up to run on full outside air where this is possible. Recirculation of air between spaces should be avoided if occupied by different people.

  • Duct Cleaning

    Continue with normal duct cleaning and maintenance procedures in line with agreed industry guidance; increase fresh air supply and avoid recirculation of air. Extra duct cleaning, over and above the normal duct cleaning and maintenance procedures is not necessary as ventilation systems are not a contamination source.

Please see the BESA VG002 document for futher advice on your air conditioning system.